No Nursing Hooters in Public...But It's Okay for Hooters to Serve Wings

Last week was World Breastfeeding Week.  A week that is supposed to help us celebrate and support a woman's ability to nurse whenever and wherever necessary.  And yet the ethics of breastfeeding continues to be questioned.  Yes, the ETHICS of breastfeeding - are you kidding?? Why is this a debate?   It is okay for boobs to be oozing out and only slightly concealed by a Hooters tank tops but it is unacceptable for boobs to be concealed by the nursing head of an infant?  According to commenters on, breastmilk smells and babies make noise.  Really??  No - I don't believe it (please note sarcasm).  I'm sorry Mr. Restaurant Patron, but I don't want to smell or hear you chomping on that supersized smelly taco but I have to smell and listen to you eat - BECAUSE YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO NURISHMENT...AND SO DO NURSING INFANTS!!!  Yes, I do believe nursing can and should be done tastefully, but really folks.  In a society where we have Hooters restaurants, wear daisy dukes and listen to hit songs called "The Thong Song" or "My Humps", I really don't see how nursing an infant can even compare.  What is the world coming to?  I'm SERIOUSLY worried for my children's future now.  Ugh.

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Whiney Momma said...

I know, this is totally ridiculous. I see boobs hanging out everywhere and some are not at all attractive to look at. At least using them for WHAT they are for should not be considered an argument. What is wrong with those people!