Potty Training

My daughter turned 2 years old in May. We have been focusing on potty training and have made progress, but aren't there yet. She refuses to go poop in the toilet...instead she hides and does it in private. Is this common? Any suggestions? I've read "the books"...but I want a REAL opinion. Have success with candy? Stickers? A long potty training boot camp? I want to know!


Katrina said...

From what I have learned not pooping on the potty is very normal. Wanting to hide is also normal. It took my son 2 months after he was (pee) potty trained. Rewards help, but the last thing you want to do is pressure her. It is frustrating but you have to accept it and praise praise praise!

MaineMommy.com said...

Things have been constantly improving the last few days. When out in public yesterday she notified me she had to go to the potty twice and made it to the bathroom both times! I was so proud of her. She is recognizing the need to go poop she just isn't ready to use the toilet yet for it. I read somewhere that unlike peeing in the potty, children view poop as a part of themselves and have a difficult time relieving themselves in the bathroom because of it. Not sure if it is true but interesting theory non the less. Thanks for the support. Pass on the link to your friends - the more the merrier.