White Vinegar + Hot Water = New Towels, You do the Math!

So last night, when I FINALLY found some time to tackle the overflowing laundry pile...I decided to address an issue that has been bothering me for a week now - musty smelling towels and sheets. My husband (God love him, he did try) attempted to "help me out" and do a load or two last weekend. His attempt (and that really is all it was) to wash, dry and create fresh smelling laundry actually resulted in musty towels and sheets after leaving them overnight in the washing machine. Ugh. Let me say that again, Ugh. Done this yourself? Feel my pain? I'm sure I don't have the only "helpful" husband around. :) Let me all save you some time and money. Don't go out and buy replacement towels and sheets as I have before. Don't cringe and curse and stamp your feet. Do what I did: Rewash items in hot water with 2 cups white vinegar. At end of wash, rewash items as usual (with your regular detergent). Upon completion of the second wash, deposit items in the dryer and dry until COMPLETELY dry and taa daa - sweet, fresh, crisp smelling laundry. Cheap, safe and a lifesaver - I LOVE white vinegar! And don't worry ladies...there are more amazing white vinegar tips than that coming your way soon! :)

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