Customer Service Ain't What It Used to Be

Holy cow. What did our parents' teach us? What are we teaching our children? Have we forgotten that "the customer is always right?". Or are people just SO self-centered that they really don't care. As an owner of a local convenience store, I am SHOCKED by some of the poor customer service I have received recently. From 20 minute phone hold times and still no live person, to rude cashiers and arrogant technical support reps I am beginning to think that the cause of our country's deepening recession isn't the troubled economics alone...but also the public's reluctance to pay for services and products when they are so poorly treated. I myself have made several decisions lately to not spend my money at a particular place, not because I can't afford them or don't want them, but because I don't want to give my money to a business that staffs a bunch of morons. In the end remember, it is my sale that pays their paycheck. Maybe their boss should tell them that. eBay shopping is looking better and better daily...and I can do it in my pajamas on my couch without having to leave the house, wait in line or get unnecessary attitude. Can you tell I'm worked up about this? :)

On a lighter note, if you would like to encounter smiling faces, friendly staff and prompt service, please stop by Levant Corner store on Outer Union Street in Levant for gas, groceries, lunch or dinner. We would love your business and will thank you for your patronage. :)


A said...

Speaking of customer service...

I've been a madwoman about contacting stores, restaurants, etc. when I've encountered remarkably bad service. In the past month, I've received:

-An apology and a $60 gift card from WalMart.
-An apology and a $25 gift card to Bertucci's
-A $25 credit for shoes that I bought full price at Nine West but were on sale on their Web site.
-An apology and a refund for breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts.
-A (very small) discount on repair work from my oil company.

I make sure that I leave a very polite, honest comment on their Web site or speak very kindly to a customer service rep. That seems to pay off!

Jamie said...

Wow...maybe I should have you handle all of my CS complaints. I don't seem to get anywhere.

biff_erin said...
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Erika said...

and you will receive great service at LCS, they even carry your items to your car if you need the help :)