Moby, how I love thee

As a working mother of two little girls, I am a busy woman. But unlike many of my MaineMommy counterparts I am lucky enough to be self-employed and thus, bring my 4 month old bundle of joy to work with me everyday as I run the cash register, do inventory and vendor orders, etc. For this I am blessed.

For the past four months, (yes, I only truly took four full weeks off of work for maternity) I have lugged my little bambino to work with me each day. This task has saved me $150/week in childcare, allowed me to easily nurse my bundle of joy and built a bond so strong between us that she isn't a big fan of being held by others. She is a momma's girl. (Also a major hindrance when I need a "break" from being mom...but secretly I LOVE it! hehe). How, you ask, can I accomplish this each day with a squirming, needy infant? I introduce you to a mothers dream: the Moby Wrap! A simple yet INGENIOUS invention.

The Moby Wrap is a baby carry that is designed to you use your entire back, as well as your shoulders to carry the weight of your baby. No narrow straps, buckles or unsecured infant heads here. The Moby honestly IS a handsfree Mommy miracle.

It is a wide piece of durable fabric (most commonly made of 100% cotton) that is wrapped over both shoulders that is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear. It is easy to adjust the fit of your Moby Wrap by varying how tightly you wrap yourself and baby. Because they are one size fits all they can be easily adjusted to fit any child up to 35 pounds comfortably...and in numerous different holds.

The benefits? It is super secure, good for infants AND children up to 35 pounds, soothes fussy babies due to the closeness to mom, and is machine washable. (This last part is particularly important when infants hit that oh so lovable, messy and yes, annoying "drooling" stage).

Don't be intimidated by, what appears to be, a complex wrapping and tying process. The wraps come with a step by step instruction book for numerous carrying positions: breastfeeding holds, kangaroo holds and yes...a way to carry twins handsfree! Want more assistance...check out all of the moms that have posted video demos on YouTube...they are lifesavers! The more you use the wrap, the quicker and easier they are to put on. After using mine for only several weeks I can "tie it on" in under a minute.

The Moby Wraps come in a wide range of colors and styles. They are available in Solids, Organics, Seasonals, Prints, Designs, UVs & Batiks. Inquisitive moms, dads and grandma's ask me daily where I purchased mine. The answer: The Grasshopper Shop in Bangor, ME. Although, you can also find steals on eBay or order online directly through the Moby website:

Customers at our store can't get over how I can bring my infant to work with me each day and keep her asleep or content during my ENTIRE 7 hour shift. (That's right...she does NOT cry and rarely makes a peep!). MaineBaby loves her Mommy and she LOVES her Moby. The two combined make for a very happy MaineMommy, too. It was well worth the $35 investment. Put it on your baby me, you will thank me later!

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Beth Larrabee said...

Hello fellow Mainer! I LOVED my Mobywrap! Made Baywearing so comfortable and I loved the closeness it gave me and my daughter!

Come check out my blog if you get a chance!