Mommy Moments - Because Postpartum Is Forever

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I frequently daydreamed about the beautiful baby book I was going to create for her. Filled with stamps, bows and all other sorts of high-end scrap booking materials. I planned on single handedly rivaling Martha Stewart.

I made lots of scrapbook pages and religiously recorded milestones in our first daughter’s baby book. No “first” went unnoticed and undocumented. First smile, first coo, first bite of “big girl” food, first time she stood up in her crib…the list goes on. Every “first” was journaled with a date, location and of the extremely important photo opportunity. Unfortunately, MaineBaby has been a bit neglected in this category.

I am not sure if it is the old wives tale that you lose half of our brain function postpartum (which would make me brainless and explain a lot as I now have two deliveries under my belt) or just a fact of life. But whatever the reason is, I know I am not alone in neglecting my second born’s baby book. MaineBaby is only four months old and, thankfully, there are still plenty of photo opportunities and milestones to record.

I plan on being more diligent in “making memories” as we go forward. Labeling, organizing and recording will be a huge task itself and if MaineGirl insists (and I’m sure she will) in compiling the album, my dreams of a Martha Stewartesque memory book for MaineBaby are out the window.

There are service providers who can do your grocery shopping, register your car and even screen your email for a fee. But is there anyone out there to beautify and finish MaineBaby’s scrapbook? Yes, I am in search of a scrapbook guru. Any help in the locating one of these illicit creatures would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know quite where to start my search…probably because I seem to be having a mommy moment and misplaced the phone book. See…postpartum is forever.

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Erika said...

let me know when you find one of these creatures, I can find no time to do fun activities such as scrapbooking