Thanksgiving in August...the new Christmas in July

Although it is not yet November (thank God!), I did some heavy reflecting this evening on the things I am thankful for. Not the BIGGIES, like family, friends, health...but the little things I never give much thought to. The little things that don't often get mentioned before the Thanksgiving meal. The things that make all the difference when you are a mom. After some heavy brainstorming and editing, here is my top ten.

10. DVR...without it, I would NEVER get to watch my shows in peace.
9. Breast pads...I don't think I need to explain this one.
8. Facebook...without it I don't think I would have any concept of breaking news or pop culture.
7. Pay at the pump gas stations...when two girlies are sleeping in the back seat (shhh)
6. In car DVD players...I have a 45 minute commute to school (need I say more)
5. Yardsales...not sure why, but getting rid of my "junk" and acquiring someone else's "junk" for a quarter brings a smile to my face.
4. Emily Giffin novels...a busy mom in a small town needs a little escape from reality now and then.
3. Nail hair can be a mess, legs unshaven and somehow with a little polish I still feel girlie.
2. Hand sanitizer...I have two girls. Enough said.
1. A 2nd (and 3rd) bathroom in the house...I swear MaineGirl and MaineDad hold secret meetings in there.


What would make your list?


Forgetful Mom said...

I completely understand this! I give thanks for the DVD player in the truck, the nail polish and hand sanitizer too.

Erika said...

The electric double breast pump,The Jumperoo, and the nap nanny