Bag It In a Baggu - Giveaway

Still going over the list of items in my handbag trying to figure out what this Freebie Friday's item is? No, it's not a Kindle (sorry) or an iPod Touch (again, sorry to disappoint) but it is something that I LURVE and am glad that I discovered!


Who doesn't own a dozen or so reusable shopping bags these days? Your efforts to go green are appreciated but you can't just buy have to use them to be effective. If you are anything like me, you want to do the right thing but you often forget the heap of reusable bags in your trunk, or worse, at home.

Have no fear, Baggu is here! These useful and roomy bags come in a plethera of colors and patterns. From polka dots to sailor stripes, solids to florals there is something for everyone (male and female). The large flat bottom makes for easy loading and the handles are large enough to wear over the shoulder (SCORE!). But the BEST part of this little $8 bag is the fact that each comes with its own matching pouch - ideal for stashing one, two or three in your handbag. Just like me. You'll never have to worry about forgetting your reusable bags again. Now isn't that clever and green. Thank you Baggu!

1. Be sure you are a fan of on facebook.
2. Become a fan of Baggu on facebook AND
3. FINALLY...Leave a comment below stating what color/pattern you are coveting.

Lucky winner will be selected at random from the comments to this post. Contest ends at midnight on Thursday, March 31. Winner to be announced next Freebie Friday, April 1. Verification will be made that the winner did fan AND Baggu on FB.

Good luck!


Melanie said...

Fb fan of both pages and I LOVE the Black Bloom print! said...

I think the baggu 5 is awesome. all greens colors.

Erin said...

These bags look great! I love the Papaya dot color!

Aly Fedak said...

I am a fan of both pages and I am coveting the Magenta baggu

MusingMainiac said...

FB fan of both and I love the black bloom bag!

Linz said...

Love these. I like the stripey one pictured here!

momtodd98 said...

These look awesome! Now that I'm carrying a diaper bag all the time I could totally toss one of these in for those quick trips to the grocery store! I think all of the colors are great!

Michelle said...

I am a fan of both pages and I like the grey stripe.


jacinta said...

i love all the colors! they are all cute! and i am a fan of both pages!