House Rules

Tonight has been full of life lessons. Lessons and house rules that the fabulously clever MaineGirl has taught me.

Our solo evening together started out in grand fashion. Re-heated leftovers and coloring followed by a Disney movie and matching pints of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Where did the night take a turn for the worst you ask? When nature called. Unknowingly, I ventured to the bathroom. Upon my return I find MaineGirl giggling hysterically while clutching her pint to her chest.

"What's so funny?", I asked hesitantly.

"You'll see", she giggled.

Keeping my eyes on her, I slowly sat on the couch. Bracing myself for a hidden trap or whoopie cushion. Nothing. But the giggling continued as she shoveled more ice cream into her mouth.
Four year olds...I thought to myself as I reached for my ice cream on the coffee table. EMPTY! My head spun around like Regan from The Exorcist.

"You ate all of my ice cream?"

{More uncontrollable laughing}

"Fine. Well give me yours then", I blatted.

Slowly, she handed over her pint. As I peered inside, I quickly realized that she was swallowing the last remaining bite ice cream.

"You ate it all? And you ate mine first?"

"Yup!" She said with a smile.


Tonight I learned several things about MaineGirl. One, do not leave her in a room unattended with food. Two, she's a sneaky, clever little four year old. Three, she LOVES her ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Just like here puppa!!! Go Mainegirl!

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