My Little Teenager

Last night, I made the mistake of attempting to play Wii Fit with my 4 year old. Because she had never played before, we spent the better half of the evening creating her Mii.

Somehow, the process of creating a graphic character to look like you, was lost on her. Instead, she assembled a Mii that, at best, could be mistaken as the offspring of Boy George and Oprah. Scary thought I know.

After saving her, eh, Mii...we both proceeded to do the dreaded Body Test where you are assigned your Wii Fit Age. I cringed through my BMI, Weight and Wii Fit Age. Not the highlight of my day to have a gaming system ask me if I "frequently trip while trying to walk" or to listen to MaineGirl and MaineDad laugh as my Wii Fit Age pegs me at 38 not 30 years old.
No...the highlight of my day came as my MaineGirl, my fearlessly outgoing, independent and WAY too smart for her own good, 4 year old asked me why I thought her Wii Fit Age was so funny.
"It says you are 17," I managed to spit out between giggles.

"How is this funny? You told me I was your little teenager yesterday. This is super accurate."

Yes little girl it is. In more ways then one. I'm still not sure how Wii calculates attitude in its analysis of Wii Fit Age...but it does a hell of a job!

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