You Have to Have Crinkles

Some mornings, before I roll out of bed, I wish someone would brace me for the hilarious statements and accusations that MaineGirl comes up with. Just this morning, while attempting to vacuum the living room, my four year old flags me down frantically...motioning for me to turn off the vacuum.

"Mom! Mom! Why did you take my blanket out of the window seat?"

"Sweetie, I had to wash it. We can ask Mémère to make you a nice cushion for the seat. Won't that be nice?"

"Make one? How is she going to make one?" she asked with her head cocked to the side.

"She is going to sew it silly."

"Sew? Mémère can't sew. Only old people sew. You have to have crinkles to be old. And you have to be old to sew. So I guess Mémère isn't sewing me a window seat cushion," she exclaimed with disappointment in her voice.

A huge smile spread across my face and it took everything I had to not starting laughing hysterically. "Oh kiddo, after that nice compliment, I bet Mémère will make you two window seat cushions!"

"Why would she do that? I only need one. Have her make me one and she can get me a toy too. That will make us even."

Oh boy.

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