I CAN'T go to school today!

At least a handful of times each year, MaineGirl comes down with a few whoopers explaining why she absolutely, positively CANNOT go to school for the day. Today was no different.

After slumping down the stairs and throwing her self on the couch she began moaning and wimping under her breath.

"What's wrong kiddo?"

"Oh, Mom. This is awful. I think I have the measles. Can you imagine? The measles. I'm miserable. I CAN'T go to school today," she said in her most pitiful tone.

"Oh, wow. Really? I don't think you could possibly have the measles babe," I spit out, somehow avoiding hysterical laughter.

"How do you know that? It MUST be the measles."

"Well, for one, you are perfectly healthy. And two, you were vaccinated against the measles."

"Vaccinated? Like shots?"


"Oh...okay. What do I have then? Is it bad? Is it contagious?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, it's contagious. It's called a case of schoolitis."

"Schoolitis? That sounds bad," she said with her eyes wide in shock.

"One day when you have kids of your own you will appreciate how bad schoolitis is. Until then, go brush your teeth and hair. We're going to school."

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