It's Annoying

Today has been a day filled with good songs. Wilson Phillips echoed through the grocery store early this morning. I jammed to some Rolling Stones during lunch. And Kei$ha came on the radio when I was picking up the girls from preschool. I couldn't help but break into song...but it didn't last long.

"Mom. Please stop. That is annoying."

"What?" I asked, somewhat jokingly.

"Mom, seriously. Please stop singing. It is annoying me."

Wow. Life as I know it is over. I can't even sing in the car with my four year old without being judged. What is the world coming to? Thanks MaineGirl.

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Forgetful Mom said...

Just the other day my 2 yr old looked at me shaking her head said "no more sing momma". Ouch, that hurts/sucks.