Leave It To Professionals

Yesterday, I thought I made a catastrophic mistake. While sitting on the couch watching tv (for a whopping total of MAYBE 7 minutes) I caught an Easter commercial and suddenly sprang to my feet.

"What's wrong Mom?" MaineGirl asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just remembered Easter is tomorrow...and I'm excited!" I said trying to fake enthusiasm instead of fear. I hadn't purchased ANYTHING for the girls Easter baskets yet. No eggs, no candy, no small toys...NOTHING. I had to get up. I had to go in town. I had to get Easter stuff for tomorrow. But subtly.

"Tomorrow? Tomorrow morning? The Easter Bunny is coming TOMORROW MORNING?" MaineGirl screeched.

"Yes, tomorrow," I told her with a grin. "Mom needs to go in town shopping, I'll be back in a bit. Stay here with Dad and I'll be back before dinner." I gave MaineDad a look as if to say...I FORGOT EASTER!!!!. He caught it, understood and waved me on towards the car.

Once in the car, I immediately called the ONE person I thought could calm me down and talk sense into me. My mother. And she did of course...because Easter, as she explained, is NEXT Sunday. Phew. Crisis averted. I would finish this Easter shopping and be done a week early like every year prior. I'm not a bad mother. I'm not a bad mother. I repeated in my head.

Fast forward to this morning. Laying in bed at 6:34am, I heard the creak of the floor upstairs and the pitter patter of MaineGirl's feet on the hardwood stairs. Then silence and a "What?!?! Where is everything?"

I crawled out of bed.

"What's wrong kiddo?" I asked, concerned.

"What happened? I thought you said today was Easter? The Easter Bunny didn't come!"

"Oh...I'm sorry babe. Mom was wrong. Easter is next Sunday. I made a mistake."

She put her hands on her hips - a sure sign I was in for it.

"Well, thank goodness YOU aren't the Easter Bunny. You would have ruined Easter! Leave it to the professionals Mom!" and she clomped to the couch to turn on cartoons.

Yeah, professionals. Oh, MaineGirl...if you only knew.


Anonymous said...

OMG...that is too hilairious!!! I feel your pain, did that on my daughter's birthday this year, I got her and my stepsons birth dates mixed up...I almost had a coronary, she would have NEVER forgiven me...the things we do for our children, no wonder we get grey hair in our thirties...Don't worry all good mothers make mistakes, it don't make u bad, just human...loved your story!!

M. Hill

Kenda said...

What a clever comeback she had! Cute story - our kids may try us, but they also continue to amaze us :) New Follower :)