Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Yikes. Finding deals is a great thing, don't get me wrong. But when you find a deal that could have saved you $179 a year for doing NOTHING, you feel like a bit of a bonehead.

Take diapers for example. I have been diapering Miss MaineBaby now for 14 months. The first two months of diapers cost me nothing as they were all gifts from her baby shower. But 12 months of diapering MaineBaby has cost me $179 more than it should have. How? Let me break it down for you so you and yours don't make the same "duh" mistake I did.

MaineBaby goes through approximately 7 diapers per day. Some days are worse than I'm sure you would agree. We use Huggies diapers, usually purchased from Walmart with a coupon. Here is the breakdown:

27 diapers @ cost of $8.97/package MINUS $3 coupon off any Huggies package
=$5.97/27 diapers OR $0.22 per diaper

I thought I was doing pretty good getting the best deal possible, oh how I was wrong. Let me introduce you to I will admit, I am an Amazon junkie. Have been for years. And because of this, I have no freakin' idea how in the world I missed out on two money saving enrollments called 'Amazon Mom' and 'Subscribe & Save'. Both are free to enroll in and both will save you bundles if you purchase wisely. How? Let me just breakdown my Huggies scenario for you when buying on Amazon:

140 diapers @ cost of $30.65/package MINUS $9.20 in savings for enrolling in 'Amazon Mom' and 'Subscribe & Save' = $21.45/140 diapers or $0.15/diaper FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX

At $0.07/diaper and 7 diapers/day that equals an annual savings of $179.

This deal can be sweetened even more if Amazon has a coupon in their coupon book. Just with a click of the mouse you can save even more.

So what are these programs offered by Amazon? Amazon Mom – a no-cost program for parents and caregivers, provides benefits including 30 percent off diapers and wipes, with discounted shipping and deals.

Amazon Subscribe and Save gives people who frequently re-order household products (from grocery and office supplies to health and beauty needs) via the site an extra 15 percent off and free shipping on products.

Combine the two services and VOILA...a fab money saving opportunity. From paper towel to toilet paper, band-aids to, save, save without even leaving your couch!

If you wish to discontinue your subscribe & save service at any time, by simply going to “Account” (upper right corner), then click “Manage Subscribe & Save items”.

So go ahead. Save yourself some money...don't be a bonehead like me.

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