High Fashion & Frugality...A Lethal Combination

I just applied for the Vogue Influencer Network. It's a super secret, hush hush insiders group for fashionistas and new media influencers who want first dibs to sample new products before they hit the shelves for public consumption. Vogue sends you new products, you try them and share your opinion. You know...the GOOD stuff: makeup, handbags, beauty products, etc. I have been DYING to be accepted after hearing that a fellow Maine blogger received a Brahmin crocodile bag (check out that picture...ugh, DROOL!)...wait for it... for FREE! Yes, FREE! Just so she could blog about the fab product. Um, hello: I WANT IN! This MaineMommy can spot a fake LV and Kate Spade a mile away. Where do I sign?

On a more giving note, I purchased 26 full size Nivea body washes from Walmart today and paid just $1.05 (tax only) for the entire purchase (retail was over $80!). How you ask? Well...thank you Extreme Couponing for the inspiration!

Walmart had rolled the price back to $3 from $3.97 and I used the $3/1 Women's Nivea Body Wash coupon from our newspaper inserts two weeks ago. Somehow, I managed to gather 26 copies of the coupon from family and friends and taa-daa...essentially free body wash. Um, yeah...I don't need that much body wash. But I think the ladies serving in the desert overseas would love some. MaineGirl and I are planning on putting together troop care packages.

See Vogue Influencer Network, I'm fashionable AND charitable. You know you want me!

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