Long Live the McQueen

Seriously...if you missed the Royal wedding or the constant news coverage that followed, you must have been living under a rock. You couldn't turn anywhere for weeks prior (magazines, newspapers or cable channels) or days after without being bombarded with pre and post wedding coverage. But there are lessons to be learned from this over-publicized event. Fashion lessons. Very IMPORTANT fashion lessons. Here are, in NO particular order, the top ten fashion lessons I took away from the Royal Wedding.

10. Bigger is not always better (as seen in the comparison of Diana's and Catherine's wedding gowns). If coverage of your wedding outpaces the viewing audience of Grey's Anatomy or American Idol...wear something TIMELESS. Kate nailed it with the McQueen designer gown...Gah-OR-Jus.

9. The British are known for their hats...and this is not always a good thing.

8. Color blocking in yellow will cause you to resemble corn on the cob. Sorry Queen Mum.

7. Flowers are no longer a necessity for wedding decor. Trees and shrubs are making a comeback.

6. Men in uniform are fabulous. (So much so that they almost eliminate the gag reflex when looking at Prince Charles).

5. Go vintage. New isn't always better as seen with Catherine's ring (originally Princess Diana's). Not only can something vintage be timeless, but it often is: good for the environment, good for the wallet and has a story.

4. Show emotion. Holding hands, sharing a peck, smiles and stolen glances increase your likability and relatability. Don't be a stone face.

3. Change it up. You don't need to pick just one dress or outfit. You can go with more than one, just make sure each is equally fabulous.

2. The cowl is okay if done tastefully. Thank you Pippa Middleton.

1. Catherine Middleton has proved she is fashion icon worthy. Mirroring Diana and Jackie, she has filled her closet and jewelery box with classic fashion staples: opaque tights, riding boots, trenches, turtlenecks, fitted jackets and pearls.

Are you prepared for the classic fashion resurgence? Head over to Matchbook Mag to view their checklist of 50 Classics for your Closet. And exhale...it appears the wave of Royal wedding mania has subsided.

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