Out With the Old

As the saying goes...out with the old, in with the new. Case in point, the counter top in the home we are currently living in rent free. The home was originally built in the 1950s and I believe the countertop was installed then as well. (Okay...most of the home is still in it's original state). The, ahem, gorgeous turquoise sheen had begun to wear off, peel and flake. Not only was it an eye sore but it was quickly becoming a health hazard. (Yes those were nails holding the front laminate to the counter). It needed to go. All of it. And I decided MaineDad was just the guy to do it. Take a peek at the before and after pics.



Not too shabby, eh? Bravo MaineDad. Now...stay out of the recliner...we still need to touch up those cabinets and I have another project for you, too. Check out this bathroom renovation after pic by Tenille...

Yeah, I am in love with the bright colors. I already tracked down and purchased the same shower curtain and wall color. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :)


marie said...

man that counter top looks awesome. and i LOVE that bathroom.

Forgetful Mom said...

I love that counter!! I need new counters, I have new floors, cupboards and walls were freshly painted 2 years ago, but the counters are still waiting.