Ding Dong the Pacifiers Gone!

Yippee! Hooray! What a gorgeous day! :) It is official. After several attempts (although none were wholehearted) to break MaineBaby of her pacifiers we have finally done it! It has been 48 hours+ ...I would call this success, no?

Attempt 1 -Several weeks ago. We made it through the night but the car ride to work was too much for MaineMommy to listen to. I caved and threw a pacifier to her. I am such a wimp I know.

Attempt 2 - Last week. MaineBaby appeared to go to bed a little harder than normal without it but quieted down within minutes and fell asleep. Upon checking on her two hours later I discovered a spare pacifier in her mouth...she must have known what we were attempting and stashed one between her crib matress and rails. She outsmarted us. She is my offspring. I am not shocked or impressed by this. ;)

Attempt 3 - Two days ago. I went through all of the cupboards, bags, under the couch and bedding searching for hidden pacifiers. All were thrown out to prevent MaineMommy, MaineDad or MaineBaby from caving or cheating. Over 48 hours, two nights, four naps and several tantrums later, we are still pacifier free and heading into a new week as a "big girl".

Congrats MaineBaby. You've done your mama proud! Sleep tight while MaineMommy pours herself a congratulatory glass of SkinnyGirl.


Laura said...

congratulations! My son didn't give his up until his 4th b-day....we had to plan it with him in advance. He is 14 now and still he is a planner lol.

Forgetful Mom said...

YAH!!! My daughter had just turned four when she went without it for bedtime for the first time, after a couple weeks with it just at nap time we got rid of it all together. Thankfully for us we only had one to get rid of so no finding hidden ones around the house.

logansmom said...

I spool dont dare try this yet!