My Name is MaineMommy & I'm a Closeted Clipper

Hello. My name is MaineMommy and I'm a closeted coupon clipper. Yeah, I know. Save me the lecture.

When this whole "coupon movement" began, I SWORE to my husband and myself that I would never participate in such a silly trend. Yeah, well I lie on occasion. I'm only human. And worse than being human...I am a shopaholic and VERY competitive. And worse still, I like NICE things. Like things stamped with LV, bound with leather or bearing an Apple symbol. So, any means of shopping that would encourage me to A. purchase things I need B. save money while doing it and C. take that savings and put it towards things I like (think Pottery Barn, Banana Republic or most anything in TJMaxx) pretty much can count me in. Add these three couponing "bonuses" to my uber competitive nature and you have the perfect storm for a Krazy Coupon Lady.

I currently have a love/hate relationship with TLC (for starting me down this road), my girlfriends (for encouraging, participating and supporting my addictive hobby), our newspaper carrier (for delivering my weekend paper filled with fabulous savings) and with myself for being such a follower. I never participated in the P90X fad, wore a Snuggie or used a thigh master...but now I carry around a coupon binder that I somehow try to casually hid under all of the purchases in my cart. At three inches thick, full of coupons and carefully organized into an astonishing 32 different sub-categories (Frozen, Baking, Salty Snacks, Shaving, Laundry, Dishes, etc) it is difficult to camoflauge and a shame to hide.

I am proud of the sweet deals I score, the money I have saved over the last month and the AMAZING stockpile I have amassed for pennies on the dollar. But for a reason that I can't shake, I don't want anyone to KNOW that I am doing it. Maybe it is because my stockpile isn't really show off worthy. The products and savings are but we are still in "temporary" housing until our house is built this summer. I am anxiously waiting for a brand spankin' new pantry. Mmmm...heaven.

Just for clarification, I would NEVER purchase 80 bottles of hot sauce or 50 Maaloxs just because the store was giving them to me for free or paying me to buy them after coupons. I do not hold up people in the checkout line (well normally...if I am going to, I warn those approaching to choose a different lane). I am NOT one of those. I do however get a high out of paying a fabulous nothing but tax for high-end Gillette razors, Nivea body wash or Finish dishwasher detergent. My family goes through these items like water. It is mind blowing how much money we were spending until I stockpiled.

Even MaineGirl loves our new secret hobby. Just the other day she was pumped to gather all of the candy and ice cream coupons we had clipped. We headed to Walgreens and left with a bag full of Wonka chocolate bars and a half dozen pints of Starbucks Ice Cream for less than $10. When the cashier asked me if I had coupons to use, she replied "Of course, it is silly not to. You can save so much money", while handing him the stack of coupons. Yeah...she is supportive.

Anyone out there also a closeted coupon clipper? Know of a CA (Couponers Anonymous) meeting I could attend? Want to scold me for my stupidity or praise me for my thriftiness? Go ahead...let it rip. Regardless, I'm off to cut, sort and file my coupons. MaineGirl wants to help...I think I am creating a monster.

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momtodd98 said...

I made my first coupon trip to Rite Aid yesterday armed with a list and a dozen coupons. I didn't walk away paying nothing, however, I did save $50 on items I would normally buy anyways or things I've been wanting to try. Of course, my first "free" item was sold out and that put a little damper on the whole trip for me. Oh well, I'm pretty certain I will never be considered "extreme" at this, but I will enjoy whatever savings I do end up with each week. Clip on, MaineMommy!!!