Vaction, Staycation, Lactation...what?

It is ALMOST here. One full week, (ten full days to be exact)...of no work, all kiddos and hubby, free time, fun and the sun. Ahhh...vacation. And thanks to, I've already got a day trip to Vermont planned. The fabulous crew from Horizon Organic's has invited MaineDad, MaineGirl, MaineBaby and I out for a fabulous day on their farm. We'll be meeting other bloggers from the area, and the kiddos will learn how milk makes its way from the cows on the Tunbridge Farm to the dinner table. MaineGirl is giddy with anticipation.

After our Horizon tour we are planning a Ben & Jerry's plant tour and visit to Story Land. Yes, this will be a fun week. Some camping and downtime shall be mixed in...and of course time to oversee the construction of our new home (let's hope progress is made).

I'm starting to charge my Kindle, download music to my iPod and stock up on sunscreen.

Do you have any fun and exciting outings planned this summer? If your vacation is actually better than mine...please refrain from sharing. Thanks. hehe :)

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