Yes I am "talented". No that is NOT a good thing!

Last Wednesday could easily qualify as a BAD day for me. Let me give you a quick overview.

I dropped my beloved VW off for a tune up and discovered $2500 worth of work that it needs...ugh. Seriously? Parts were ordered and follow-up appointment was scheduled.

Our bank continued to call ALL DAY LONG to request additional copies of paperwork for our construction loan. Um, hello...I already gave you this stuff as well as an extra copy of each. Find it! More importantly, I am working. Stop calling and bugging me. I'm trying to make a living so I can PAY for that loan we are requesting!

I dropped and broke/damaged at least 1 six pack of glass beer bottles, 1 12oz can of soda and a half gallon of ice cream during the day. Yeah, I repeated SEVERAL times that I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.

Kiddos were finally in bed at 9pm. WAY past their normal 6-7pm bedtimes. I went outside to enjoy the night air and talk to MaineDad when he asked for my help loading the ice shack on the truck trailer. Seriously? At 9:30pm at night? Despite two refusals, I finally gave in. Didn't have the energy to argue. Unfortunately, I DID have the energy to accidentally drive my hand through one of the ice shack windows. Bandaged up my hand, called my Mom to drive me to the ER and spent 4 hours getting x-rays, cleaned and stitched up. Fun fun.

Cherry on top of the sundae? Almost hit a deer on the way home from the hospital.

Lessons learned from the day:
1. I am a really good liar and can plant a fake smile on my face even during a REALLY bad day.
2. Stitches are the worst several days after the accident. One word: ITCHING!
3. MaineDad better get used to me pointing to the scar on my hand and exclaiming, "I think I'll pass on helping you".

On a good was a MUCH better day. :)

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