Another Mother of the Year Award Moment

Tonight, while counting our family's own bottles in our redemption center, MaineGirl did me proud (and made the Mommy in me cringe at the same time).

While sorting out the glass from the aluminum cans, I stopped for two minutes to talk to Michelle, another Maine Mom, regarding the bus incident that occurred the other day.

Cue MaineGirl.

"Hey Mom...look...this one has a cute red hat!" Um yeah, that would be El Toro. I hung my head in shame that my daughter was enjoying handling liquor bottles, and that I was allowing her to do it. But I also giggled knowing that at least she has my taste in liquor. Tequila will be good you MaineGirl. But trust me, wait until your 21.

Thanks for sharing the chuckle Michelle and please don't tell the PTA! wink

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