Fruit Salad

While I was painting and MaineDad was "watching" MaineGirl, MaineGirl got sneaky, went into the kitchen and attempted to make herself a fruit salad...after both her father and I told her no...twice...each.

I heard the unfamiliar sound of silence and immediately put down my roller and followed her sneaky pitter patter up the stairs to her bathroom.

"What are you doing babe?"

"Nothing Mom...I cut myself but I've got it under control", she said with a guilty look on her face. "Just gonna get the bleeding to stop and finish my salad."

....ummm NO! Tough, independent 5 year old + distracted Dad = MaineMommy is NOT finishing painting until the entire house is sleeping. Thankfully it was more of a scratch than a cut. Oye...please don't call DHHS.

P.S. If you haven't already picked up the phone to report us, you can cast a vote in my favor here instead.


logansmom said...

You know I watch your blogs right? You just called on yourself :) said...

haha! Can we at least discuss over lunch?