Kindee...what the hell is that?

First off...what the hell is kindee? I know what kindergarten is. I know what a Pre-K and K is. But kindee? Did someone FINALLY realize five year olds can barely say, let alone read or write, the word kindergarten? How about the dreaded adult mistake of spelling it kindergarden? To this day I wonder what genius decided to name the FIRST year of public schooling kindergarten. It is the longest name of all the grades 1-12.

Even high school students have it easier.
Freshman = 8 letters
Sophomore = 9 letters
Junior = 6 letters
Senior = 6 letters

Wait for it....
Kindergarten = 12 letters

Why in the world would someone make the name of the first grade of school 6 letters longer than the final grade of school? Because kiddos are so excited to start school and so eager to leave? Because parents are the ones reading and writing for kindergartners and seniors need a much easier time as they mentally "check out" half way through their final year?

Regardless of how you spell it, say it or rename it...kindergarten isn't what it used to be. Kids have changed. School has changed. Parenting has changed. And I'm scared to death.

Here are a few things I learned at kindee orientation:
  1. Kindergarten is now called kindee
  2. Students are now taught to make their letters by "frog jumping" and not simply by writing their letters over and over until their pencil makes a huge crater in their writing hand.
  3. Five year old bullies are commonplace.
  4. Public schools do not allow the celebration of Halloween...but of course will take vacation/break for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays.
  5. Birthday party invitations are not allowed to be distributed at school so no ones "feelings get hurt" and "no one feels left out".
(Climbing on my soapbox...beware!)

I am in trouble. Evidentally I am misguided because I believe in Kindergarten. I believe in making someone do something over and over until they get it right (its called practice). I believe big bullies create little bullies...and 5 year old bullies shouldn't exist (this is just pathetic, sad and frustrating). I believe kids enjoy dress up, costumes, candy, silliness and should learn about other cultures not just their own (Dia de Los Muertos) and thus Halloween parties are perfectly acceptable for school. Lastly, I believe not all children get along, get ahead or exceed at everything. Not everyone is created equal. It is a fact of life. Don't be cruel about it, but don't deny it either. If you do, you are setting them up for a life full of disappoints and a horrible thing called ENTITLEMENT.

(Climbing down from my is now safe to let the children back in the room. wink)

I have a feeling this is going to be an educational year for both MaineGirl and MaineMommy. Oh dear. I have a kindergartner. Let's bow our heads and pray...oh can't do that either...let's pledge's sit here quietly and think.


Ms Numbers said...

That's really odd to spell it 'kindee'. We have kindergarten here, but often refer to it as Kindy.

organicpatchwork said...

No school around here would dare to admit that breaks around Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter were actually related to those holidays. I work at a daycare and when we have a day off for a holiday, we're not allowed to say what holiday it is, just
"closed for the holiday" or just "closed" said...

The schools don't write it in the handbook: "Closed for Christmas break" is "Closed for Holiday Break" but when you leave on the Friday before all you hear is "Have a Good Christmas! Happy New Year!". Such a shame. I'm all for spreading/educating the kids by teaching about all cultures and holidays. Now this isn't teaching religion...but teaching the meaning behind each so kids can have a healthy understanding of what i.e. Halloween really is. To kids in the US it means candy and pumpkins but it's origin is much more meaningful. ;)

Anonymous said...

now getting on my soapbox here...we all know what the real breaks are is so the teachers can go home and spend the holidays with their children....It is very sad that school...a place that once was supposed to help our children get ready for the real world is doing the exact opposite. No wonder so many people are no homeschooling their children. And if it was feasible this momma to do it, I probably would too, as I am learning as you too, how the political correctness and sue happy society has killed the school system.