The Not-So Funny Comedian

Sunday night, I was lucky enough to score free VIP tickets to the Bangor Waterfront to see comedian Jeff Dunham. I had actually never heard of the man but figured, geez, a comedy show and possible free night out with MaineDad...why not? So I entered into the Darlings giveaway on Facebook and BAM...WINNER! MaineMommy couldn't have been happier. That was, of course, until the rainstorms moved in. Can you say mud pit?

Being a rain or shine event, and already having MaineNana lined up to babysit the girlies, we donned our rain gear and headed to the venue. We were lucky compared to others, we were in the VIP tent...oh yeah baby. Private bar, porta potty and munchies. Thank you Darlings.

The show started on time and lasted an incredible 2 hours. I didn't realize any comedian, especially a ventriloquist, had enough material for that amount of time. Obviously, I don't get out enough.

MaineDad laughed the entire time. I believe a few chuckles escaped from my lips but I spent more time smiling at my hubby thinking, "Am I missing something?". I'm more of a George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams kind of girl. All in all it was a nice evening. Rain, black flies and mud aside it was enjoyable...until the next morning.

My legs, from the knees down, are COVERED with dozens and dozens of mosquito bites. I itch. I scratch. I squirm. I am miserable!

Sitting on the couch tonight I have to chuckle. The laugh to bug bite ratio of the comedy show was WAY off for this MaineMommy. Please remind me the next time I enter a giveaway for free tickets to be sure I know who the performer is. And more importantly, that I ask myself if I were to be eaten alive by black flies, would it be worth it. No wonder Comedy Central is a popular station...I really should start tuning in. I sure would itch a lot less.

P.S. Thank you Darlings for your generosity. Thank you MaineNana for watching the girls. Thank you MaineDad for going with me. I am grateful and love you all regardless of my pathetic itchy bites.

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