On the road to VICTORY...and jumping off a bridge!

If you haven't guessed by now, I am pushing (slowly but surely) at crossing off an item on my life list.
Number 40: Make MaineMommy.com one of Babble's Top 50 of 2011

Babble.com is a great website aimed at connecting and building a virtual support system of like-minded parents. Annually, Babble announces its list of Top 50 Mom Blogs and last year I set my mind to making their list.

Although MaineMommy.com started out as a means to record my childrens' stories and share them with our family, it has evolved into a little release for me. My own little nook of reality and a fun way to connect with other moms. Over the past year, MaineMommy.com's Facebook following has quadrupled from 200+ followers to 800+ and growing daily! (Thanks for all of the love...I'm blushing. Really.) So it is now possible, with all of your support, to make number 40 on my Life List a reality! But I want to sweeten the pot. And here is my plan to get your help and cross off not one but TWO items on my life list.

What I need from you.

Please go to Babble.com and vote for Maine Mommy. After you do, please leave a comment below, send me a message on Facebook or leave a comment on my wall to let me know that you have done so. Be sure to share this link and encourage other moms to do so as well. You will be entered into a drawing for a little gift of thanks from muah. But that's not all...

I also would love to cross off numero 82 on my list:

Number 82: Bungee jump

And I plan to do so after breaking into the Babble Top 50 Mom blogs. I promise (and now you have this in writing) to go bungee jumping while wearing a t-shirt that is emblazoned "They drove me to jump off a bridge" with the names of all of my loyal, loving supporters that voted for me (and told me they did so)! Fun right? I thought so. And you SOOO know you want your name there! Of course it will be videotaped and posted here for all of you to laugh at...it just wouldn't be right if I didn't provide you with proof and a hilarious clip of me screaming my head off and (quite possibly) peeing my pants. It will also prove as a useful tool to show MaineGirl and MaineBaby when they are grown that, at one time believe it or not, their Mom was cool and knew how to have a good time.

So come on MaineMommy.com readers, show your support and DRIVE ME TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE. I double dog dare ya!


logansmom said...

I voted for you...of course!!

Kat Schultz said...

I voted for ya, good luck!