Sparklers...Not the 4th of July Kind

Yesterday was a busy day. Oh hell, let's be honest, this has been a crappy week. Lots of technology related issues at work that have created nothing but heartaches and headaches. But I digress.

On top of the "normal" daily inconveniences I learned that MaineDad will be gone for the weekend out of country. Nothing out of the norm for this military family, but it did pull at my heart strings when I realized he would be missing our wedding anniversary. (On top of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years this year...but hey, who is keeping track, right?)

His effort to make up for missing yet another special day? Surprising me with a pair of sparklers...half carat diamond earrings that is. Ummm....LOVE! Happy anniversary to me!

FINE PRINT: Now don't confuse us with that "uppity" couple down the street. A normal anniversary gift consists of a card, dinner out (usually including MaineGirl and MaineBaby) and a gift certificate to a sporting goods store or We're practical. Okay...we're the oldest 30 year olds we know. Ok...stop laughing...seriously...stop laughing.

Before heading to sleep after gifting me with the earrings, MaineDad shuffled over to my chair. He kissed me good night and proclaimed, "I love you my wife. You deserve everything that I very seldom give you".

Ahhh....thanks. I think.

Want your own pair of diamond earrings? Then vote for MaineMommy won't win a pair by voting but maybe doing something nice for me will get you farther in life. Karma right? xoxo

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

That's great that your hubby got you some earrings. Bummer that he won't be there for your anni