Super Model Material

Leave it to MaineGirl to try to cheer me up...and fail miserably. My hormones are a raging and a small red Mt. Fuji has magically appeared over night on my upper lip. It is beautiful. Take my word for it. I won't spare you the pain of looking at a picture...that is just gross.

While I was getting ready this morning, I made the attempt of trying to cover it up with makeup. You all know how well this works I'm sure. (note sarcasm)


"Whatcha doin' Mom?"

"Trying to cover up this zit kiddo. It looks horrible."

"You kind of look like that model...she has a thing on her lip."

"Cindy Crawford? Yeah...but her's is a beauty mark. This is a zit. Big difference."

"Yeah Mom, you're right. Yours is bigger and red."

"Thanks babe. Thanks a lot."

Gotta love five year olds.

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