Claritin, Day 2

Poor MaineGirl. Something isn't agreeing with her. Since last Wednesday she has been spotted with hives, or chives as she initially liked to call them. Not sure what she is allergic to but Benadryl has been that little girl's bestie for the last week.

Thanks to her amazing pediatrician (who comically was also MY pediatrician) she has made the transition to Claritin in hopes of freeing herself from multi-daily doses of Benadryl. Possible allergic reaction to tomatoes? I sure hope not, but that is the only logical thing MaineDad and I can come up with. The kiddo LOVES them and has eaten them religiously for years. But, it appears, for at least today, it may in fact be the red fruit that is causing all of the trouble. We have stayed clear of tomatoes and tomato containing meals/snacks for 48 hours and made the transition to Claritin and nada. No hives, no itching. We'll give it a couple of days and try another tomato. For her sake, and her love of tomatoes, I hope it is just coincidence. On the other hand, it would be nice to ID the culprit and get her off of a daily medicine. is always something with little ones. Isn't it. The joys of motherhood and nightmares of childhood. Anyone out there have experiences with this "joy of motherhood"? I feel so helpless.

Have a great weekend everyone! Much love from our allergy ridden home,

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