I'll Drink To That!

My parents always told me that I had wine taste on a beer budget. What they didn't know was that I would grow up to buy the best beer around and make all of my wine drinking friends jealous. I love nice things but I enjoy saving a buck even more. So why not combine my wine taste and desire to save a buck and get the same high end decor look for less? Intrigued? Read on...

My family and I are in the process of building our new home next to our family business. I finally will be able to walk to work. (happy dance) Even more exciting? I get to pick out new lighting, paint and accessories to jazz up our new pad. I'll give you three guesses to identify the first website I brought up for ideas...

You guessed it...Pottery Barn. The Barn...oh how I love thee.

Here are a few of the items I drooled over.


These would be B-E-A-utiful on the front of the house. But we'd need six at $199 each. Ouch. That would come to a whopping $1194. I know...I know. What's a girl to do? Go to Lowes.com of course. You can snag almost the exact same light fixtures for less than $30 a piece! Don't believe me. Check it out for yourself:

Total for six? $179.88. Oh and don't forget my military discount! (wink)
Savings over PB model: $1014.12


For the last two seasons PB has been featuring these gorgeous clear glass bubble lamps in their catalogs. The best part? You can add decor inside to change up the look each season. GENIUS! But with two kiddos running around who wants to spend $199 on a lamp that (cringe) may end up on the floor? Solution? Ikea.com.
You almost could pick up 4...yes, 4 of a similar style lamp for the same price. And I'm guessing you won't need four. So, what are you waiting for?

Total: $59.99
Savings over PB model: $140


Finally, the item I have been searching for tirelessly. A set of small classic drum shade pendants for above the kitchen island. PB offers the eye catching Burlap Shade Pendant Track Lights. I fell in love at first click. Unfortunately, my wallet would hate me for it...$229 for a set (gag). Solution? Ebay!
I scored individual Portfolio brand pendant lights with the same look and feel for $14.99 each! I wasn't in love with the PB track lighting look, but the small drum pendant shade. And at that price, why buy just two when I can get a third for over the kitchen sink to match? haha Who is laughing now Pottery Barn?

Total: $42
Savings over PB model: $187...plus I got an additional light for over the sink!

When searching for knock-out knock offs, remember the key to interior design. It's all about the feel. Pottery Barn, Ikea and Pier 1 all layer different fabrics, textures and finishes to make a room cozy and warm. It's not one single piece that stands out but how all the pieces compliment each other in a room. Remember to stick with similar tones, shapes, styles and finishes to your "must have" item. Your knock-off may not be the EXACT high end item, but it should work with the other pieces in the room as the high end stores have designed for it to.

In the end, I figure I saved myself an embarrassing $1341.12. Oh geez...what's a girl to do with all that extra money? I'll throw a house warming party and invite the neighborhood. Want to come? (wink)

Your Beer Drinking, Money Saving Gal Pal,


Suburban Snapshots said...

I hope you'll post the photos when all this is in place. Good finds!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Ohhh, so exciting! I love all of these finds -- I eye those IKEA lamps every time!! :)

Megh said...

LOVE those Pottery Barn Clift Seeded lamps - so much, I had to figure out how to make them myself: http://prettyworthy.com/2012/01/03/pretty-lights/

Love your lighting options here - cheers!