Just Braid It

I came home last night to a beaming MaineDad. He explained how, while I was working the evening shift, he spent some quality "girl" time with the kiddos. Specifically, he tried to tackle french braiding MaineGirl's hair. How does one do that for the first time without instructions? Ahh...that is the beauty of YouTube. MaineDad and MaineGirl Googled online video tutorials on how to french braid hair and followed the step by step instructions. The end result? The jury is out. MaineGirl's hair was unbraided and she was asleep by the time I got home. But regardless, it was quality time spent and he is still smiling about it. Oh how much would I pay to have hidden cameras in the house to capture these moments.

It is important to note however that bath time did NOT require Googling or YouTube tutorials. That's a win, right?

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