My Name is MaineMommy & I'm a Hoarder...sorta

My name is MaineMommy and I am a hoarder. Well, not really but it definitely looks and feels like it.

As you are probably aware, we have been in "temporary housing"...aka "house sitting" for close family friends. (VERY generous family friends that allowed us to squat in their mother's home after we sold our home in the dead of winter and she moved to a retirement community). Oh yeah, did I mention we aren't paying rent while we stay here waiting for our new house to be built? Yeah...they are AMAZING! We love them...but I digress.

Even our amazing, loving, family friends would probably regret allowing us to stay here if they saw the inside of the house right now. It is ummm...ScArY. BOO! haha

With two large dogs, a cat, two kiddos, a hubby and approximately half of the contents of our old home, we are at max capacity. Add to that my stockpile of couponing goodies, several painting projects that are still in progress (we HAD to do something nice for them for being so generous), and TONS of new items that are anxiously waiting to be installed in our new home, we are bursting at the seams.

Take the kitchen for instance...tonight I inventoried five boxes of plumbing fixtures, four boxes of lighting fixtures, a lamp project and half painted kitchen cabinets that were cluttering up the space. Add to that: book bags, diaper bags, dishes, dog bowls and shoes and it is no wonder that I haven't swept the floor...I can't see it. duh

Yes, our current living situation somewhat resembles a cross between a fraternity house, Lowes, a home from the show 'Hoarders' and a daycare...with three hairy four legged animals running around. Nice right? Want to come over for dinner? ha Yeah, if only we could find the dining room table.

My solution? Deep breath, open my laptop and write a post about how messy the house is. That seems like a good first step to solving the problem. DENIAL (wink)

For now, it will have to do. Four weeks (fingers crossed) and we can settle into our new, clean house and finally clean and finish painting this one (when we aren't living here anymore to enjoy it).

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