Rubber Snakes and Shopping Sprees

MaineGirl, MaineBaby and MaineDad went out on the town this evening solo while I was working. They hit Lowes, Walmart and Ruby know the "hot spots" of our (cough) metropolitan area. haha

Being the independent and girlie five year old that she is, MaineGirl HAD to bring her pocketbook filled with her lemonade stand money. She proudly carried her baby Dooney filled with $54 in ones and quarters. Yes, she is quite the entrepreneur and her lemonade stands are very profitable. I have seen her make $23.50 in a single hour selling lemonade to strangers. With the current job market, and if she could stay this little and cute forever, I might actually suggest she skip college and stick to selling lemonade. But I digress...

At Walmart (a place I avoid like the plague), MaineGirl lit up like a Christmas tree. She beamed as she bounced down the toy aisles trying to decide what she would treat herself to with her lemonade money. MaineDad informed me she inquired about the cost of nearly every toy she passed.

"How much is this one?" - "One dollar"

"What about this one?" - "Five dollars"

"And this one?" - "One dollar"

"Oh...I HAVE to get this. This is what I have always wanted. How much Dad?" - "Twenty five dollars"

"Forget it...that is a lot of money. I'll get the rubber snake for a dollar."

Even at five, she never ceases to amaze me. She happily left the store with $53 and her new rubber snake. Now if she would just treat MY money like she treats hers. I am daring to dream. Bring on the teenage years, right? (wink)

Much love from your penny pinching princesses,


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Forgetful Mom said...

That is so sweet. Btw, I am passing a blog award to you!