A Rub Down, A Shake Down, A Throw Down

No, we are not dead although the radio silence over the past month and half might have led you to believe so. We have been working, starting school, packing, moving into our new hous.

Things have been hectic and something had to give, so of course, blogging fell to the wayside as the nights got shorter and our busy days got longer.

The past few days have also been a little hairy as I have been helping cover nights at our store and both girls have come down with colds and are under the weather. Maine Girl stayed home from school yesterday and today and finally appears to be kicking the icky cough. I could really tell that she was on the mend when she walked into the living room this afternoon with two wash cloths, a stool and a tube of lotion.

"Time for foot and hand massages, Mom", she exclaimed matter of factly.

I couldn't help but giggle. Now before you go calling DHS on me, let me explain. YES, Maine Girl does rub my feet. YES, Maine Girl loves doing it. YES, Maine Girl asks to do it. YES, Maine Girl does this to other family members as well.

If there ever was a child that is already beginning to practice their future profession, its my daughter. She is determined to grow up and be a physical therapist (with a focus on animal rehab she has told us). Yes, she is quite the five year old. {big grin} In the meantime, we are her guinea pigs. She corners us, massages and lotions us up. In fact, she somehow has managed to pin down her 2o month old sister on the living room floor and is massaging her back as I write this. Geez...poor us, huh? Thanks Maine Girl...a little to the left next time. {grin}


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