Getting Lost in Home Decor

Holy's February! haha I started two fabulous New Year's resolutions that I have followed through with this year. (GO ME! Are you clapping? No? Well you should be!! haha) I started (and more importantly have kept up with) balancing my personal checkbook. I also have purchased fresh cut flowers for our home every Friday. What a difference the two have made in my life! Balancing my checkbook has caused me to carry cash and question small purchases instead of swiping my debit card for a $7 purchase. And fresh! They smell great, add some life to our blah winter landscape and are an inexpensive pick-me-up each week.

I've also been unbelievably busy and distracted nesting lately. Searching for area rugs, scouring the internet for the perfect drapes and rummaging through Marshall's and TJMaxx for throw pillows and duvet covers.

We had some great pieces that we brought with us from our previous home but, as anyone that has moved into a new place can atest, you always need a few new items to make your new home warm and tied together. The few key pieces I am coveting? A new coffee table, living room curtains, master bedroom duvet and drapes.

I am always searching the web for fab ideas to fill our new home with. I love using Pinterest and my Amazon Wish List to flag dream items. Unique home d├ęcor blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Maillardville Manor, Thrifty Decor Chick and iHeart Organizing are a few of my faves. All are hip, full of fabulously designed rooms and many contain super ideas to achieve a high-end look on the cheap. I instantly fell in love with this living room on Apartment Therapy:

Clean lines, neutrals and a good mix of old and new. It has a warm Pottery Barn feel meets "Hello I still have money in my wallet" haha. The coffee table instantly caught my eye. And of course it did…it is from Crate & Barrel.

C&B's Seguro coffee table is EXACTLY what I've been searching for: sturdy, classic, clean lines with a hint of that popular recycled wood flair. Unfortunately it also comes with a hefty price tag: $699.

Now, for those of you that know me well, I'm sure you've already figured out I found a much cheaper alternative with all the same bells and whistles! That's right...over at Urban Home their version, the Santos Coffee Table, is less than half the price! Only $299…ahhh! I love me a bargain.

Bonus? The Urban Home table is 5 inches wider. You get more table for the money! Plus, that savings leaves me with $400 dollars to blow on other accessories for the room. Well, that is how I'm rationalizing it right now anyway!

This will definitely be my next splurge for the house. I NEED to move my grandparents' old toy chest back down to the basement/soon to be finished family room. It has done its job as a temporary coffee table for the last few months but I'm ready to get a new permanent piece in place.

And yes, as I have been promising for several months now, I will be uploading pics of our new home onto my blog for family afar to enjoy. I am so sorry it has taken this long. Besides drooling over online decor websites I've been trying to figure out the DSLR camera MaineDad got me for Christmas. Man does that baby have some bells and whistles! You will see just how fab it works as I will be using it to take the home tour pictures. to figure out what aperture setting to use...hmmm...



Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I like the idea of fresh flowers every Friday. I get some flowers when it gets a bit warmer, but now is the time.

Indoor Lights Lover said...

A very warm and cozy decor you have in there. Very refreshing and simple.

kissimmee apartments said...

I agree. The aura and feel of your home is so cozy and comfortable. This is what I will call home.