Just Spend the Money...You Can Blame It On Me!

In my thirty years I've learned a few things. Men will never put the seat down after doing the deed. Children will always stain your new furniture. Winter takes FOREVER to turn to Spring in Maine. And I have a hard time spending money on some things and others...well...not so much.

I consider myself budget conscience...(for those that know me well and are chuckling already...cut it out!). Let me explain. With two young kiddos, two retrievers and a cat there are many things around my house I just can't bring myself to spend big money on. For example: good living room furniture, area rugs and a new car. All three get trashed by my little munchkins on a daily basis despite denying them food, drink or toys (okay...I exaggerated a little...but you get the drift).

I can coupon shop with the best of them. I am shameless wandering into our local commissary with my coupon binder in tow. I refuse to pay more than $1 for Bounty brand paper towel or Charmin toilet paper. I frequently purchase laundry detergent and baking goods for f-r-e-e. Yeah, I love a good bargain and post-child have come to always check the price tag first before buying. But I love me a good splurge. It is the finer things, aka the items in my personal possession that the kiddos and animals can't touch, that I truly appreciate. For these little pick me ups, I have come to the conclusion, it is okay to dish out the dough.

So here it is...my gift to you for the new year: Five things you SHOULD spend good money on. Don't bat an eye. Don't give yourself a guilt trip. JUST DO IT! (Hey...even Nike thinks you should!)

1. Good nail polish. There is nothing that sucks more than taking the time to paint your own nails to have them chip and smudge day one. I love Essie polish. At $8 a bottle it isn't the most expensive on the market but it surely isn't the cheapest, and for a reason. Favorite colors: Mademoiselle - a pale nude pink (the color Duchess Kate wore on her wedding day) and Fishnet Stockings - a beautiful classic red.

2. A fab handbag. Think big, think classic, think timeless. (Yes, big as in size and as in price tag). If you invest in a highly coveted bag, you will carry it with pride and you will make a statement. I purchased a Louis Vuitton Speedy for myself two years ago. It took me four years to dig up the courage to spend the $800 on one item for myself but I am SO glad that I did. It is classic, fashionable, large enough to conceal diapers and road snacks and makes me giddy every time I take it off the dining room table. I haven't carried anything else since I bought it. Go ahead....do it. You can tell your husband it is all my fault. (wink wink) Need a good jumping off point? Try to find a classic leather Prada or Gucci bag if LV isn't your style.

3. Childcare. Do I really need to justify this one? You get what you pay for. Enough said.

4. Date nights with the hubs. We came to realize how very little time we previously set aside for just the two of us. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and give give give to your brood. Trust me, you'll be a better parent, spouse and person if you take the two or three hours a week for a regularly scheduled date night. As MaineDad and I decided, it would be scary in eighteen years, when the girls are grown and gone, to discover that we could no longer go to dinner and carry on a conversation that did not involve our children. Unfortunately, that is the norm in many marriages...hey, we were almost there. But kick that habit! Schedule the night each week, book the sitter and budget the money. You two deserve it.

5. A comfortable bed. Hey we're human after all and spend approximately one third of our entire life in bed sleeping. Doesn't it make sense then to be comfortable? We are on the hunt, starting tomorrow, for a new bedroom mattress and box spring.  The frame is Moosehead and in great shape, but the mattress and box spring are a good 15 years old. Sad to admit, especially since it is customary to replace your mattress every 5-7 years. Yikes, we are overdue! I'll keep you all posted on the outcome of our search and the (hopefully) fab results we get from our big bedroom splurge.

Do you set money aside for your own splurges? Manicures? Vacations? Or something I've missed? Please share...I'd love justification to add more to my list.

P.S. MaineDad or MainePapa, if you are still reading this, I lied about how much I spent on my handbag. (fingers crossed behind my back)


Brenna said...

Cookware. I use my Le Creuset pot almost every single day, it was a $250 investment and worth every penny.

Boots. I have pairs ranging from $70-$200 and you know what? The $200 are warmer, more comfortable and better looking.

Lastly, dish soap. Do not skimp on cheapo dish soap. You'll regret it, and use the entire bottle to clean one greasy pot.

MaineMommy.com said...

Brenna, we've been on the prowl for new cookware...you may be my justification for the Le Creuset set we (er, I mean 'I'), have been eyeing. I'm sure you won't mind taking the fall for me...right? ;) P.S. Your blog rocks! Keep the giggles coming!