First House on the Right...Or Look for the Yellow Door

We're in!  Our home project list is still a mile long, and growing daily, but we are loving our new digs.  Since my grandparents can't come and visit (due to Nana's cat and dog allergies), I've decided to turn into a home reno/project update page for a bit.  This way, thanks to modern technology, they can see and enjoy the progress we're making on decorating and how we are enjoying our new home.

I'm also adding a new tab to the site with a running list of home projects to complete (a.k.a. honey-do-list)...hint hint MaineDad :) 

Of course, this AMAZING weather we've had for the last week and half inspired me to get cracking on an outdoor project.  But first, a quick history on the house lot.

A year and a half ago, this er, beauty, sat on the lot we purchased in Maine.  Although we initially had high hopes of salvaging at least the front portion of the home, we soon realized that it wasn't useable.  The original foundation was falling apart, floor beams were rotted through and everything inside would need to be gutted and replaced...electrical, plumbing, windows...the works.  It had spent too many years open to the elements.  Kids and vandals had done a number on it.  Not to mention the critters that made homes inside.

 So we called in the fire department (much more dependable than they look in this picture I promise!)...

 and burned the sucker down!

We started building a colonial in June of last year in the same spot.

And we moved into our new home in October! forward three months and we're still settling in.  Still have projects to complete but slowly starting to tackle them.  MaineDad has begun the remodel of the basement.  We have insulated, sheet rocked, painted walls and stained the concrete floor.  The full wall of built-ins are in the works and we are hoping to have it all completed and move in ready by the end of May.  I will revisit this project and post progress pictures soon...promise.

In the is a project I actually was able to finish!

I am a Pinterest freak and have found it unbelievable helpful in finding, saving and organizing home decor ideas.  Mid-January I stumbled upon a pin for this blog post by Simplified Bee...I instantly fell in love with the yellow front doors! Everyone has red or black doors...I was looking for something DIFFERENT.  And yellow seemed to do the trick.  The Farrow & Ball Dayroom Yellow door stole my heart.

I got online, ordered a color book from the company and nearly threw up in my mouth when it arrived.  A gallon of paint was $130!  My solution...I headed over to Lowe's with color sample in hand and had them color match it for me.  Ahh....what good folks they are.  Ten minutes, fourteen dollars and a discount later I left with a quart of Valspar Exterior paint in Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow (3004-4B).  I was glowing with excitement...but somehow managed to forget that because I live in Maine I would need to be patient and wait another few months before I could actually USE it.  details details...blah blah

With an uncharacteristic solid week of 80 degree weather in April, I was able to finally get our front door painted.  Here is the washed out before in all its glory...

And here is our new vibrant Homestead Yellow door...

As you can see, I kept the house numbers but changed out the boring builder grade brushed nickel deadlock and knob for a more attention commanding oil rubbed bronze set.  The color contrast adds to the door and matches the exterior light fixtures I picked out pre-construction...and er, spray painted ORB (oil rubbed bronze) myself.  (Yes, I am one of those FREAKS that buys brand new lighting for a new home and spray paints them myself to get the desired finish.  Trust me, my husband initially freaked when I did this, but later agreed how much better they look ORB vs. brushed nickel). 

Overall, I am thrilled with the front door transformation.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect knocker and some additional complimentary colored plant pots (deep green and white like the inspiration door) but for mid-April, I'm pleased with this progress.

Now if we could just get the front house and porch power washed to get rid of all of that winter dirt that crept up on us.  But one thing at a time I guess.  I'll add it to the honey-do-list.  :)

What color is your front door?  Traditional red?  A striking blue?  Or something more modern and unique? share.

Your Mellow Yellow Door Pal,

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Angela Jennings said...

I love your house! I found you because I am in the middle of choosing a yellow for my front & side doors. I have a white cape with black shutters. Currently the doors are red but I want to do yellow. Can you post a picture of your house from the front so I can see it all together-white, black & yellow?

New Punggol Condominiums said...

First house on rightor look for yellow signs, have a look at it

Anonymous said...

What kind of door do you have? Is it steel or fiberglass? I used regular paint on my door before and it warped. We have the sun hit it directly so we need to stay with a light color. We also like you were shocked with the price of paint to add color. I love the yellow but am afraid to just go to Lowes or home depot again. Help!

Molly D said...

Looks amazing! Did you keep the black shutters?