It's a Circus Around Here

Although time spent at our home often resembles a circus, we decided to spend the afternoon yesterday actually going to one. We set aside our home projects, packed up the girls and headed to the local Anah Shrine Circus. It wasn't quite as magical as MaineDad and I remembered from our youth. I was more shocked that hardly anyone clapped for the acts. The tigers did one clapped. Women swung from ropes thirty feet in the one clapped. A couple walked and rode unicycles on a tight one clapped. Well, MaineBaby did but everyone else in the auditorium just sat there. I think it was the most quiet circus I have ever been too. The girls enjoyed it regardless. Cotton candy was devoured. Eyes were wide during acts.

Pictures were taken with clowns (MaineBaby was excited despite her glum looking face in the picture. And yes, MaineGirl dressed and did her hair herself for the outing...hehe).

All in all, a great family afternoon out and some much needed time away from home projects. Did you make it to the circus this year?

Happy Monday!

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