Not Your Grandma's Curtains

To cafe curtain or not to cafe curtain that is the question.   Home decor blogs across the WWW are highlighting the comeback of the cafe curtain.   What I once automatically associated with my grandmother, isn't so anymore.  But I am still undecided if it has a place in our home.  Your feedback is wanted!

Here are a few of my inspiration windows from blogs that I follow.

A bright and cheery yellow from Calico Curtains (sense a theme here?  yellow door, yellow curtains...yeah, overboard)

Or a gorgeous sheer stripe highlighted on JPM Design (originally from Apartment Therapy).

But it was Ashli, from Mini Manor, who won me over.  She has a great sense of style.  And her cheap yet stylish tablecloth window treatment inspired me to do the same.  Well...minus the sewing.

My REAL dilemma is that I have OCD.  (CDO for those like me that want to put the letters in order...big grin).  Our kitchen color scheme revolves around my mismatched Longaberger place settings in four colors: butternut (creamy yellow), sage, cornflower (blue) and paprika (burgundy).  And of course, being the matchy matchy person that I am, I ordered myself up some Longaberger napkins and valances in Heirloom Floral a few years back.  A pattern that has since been discontinued.  Lucky me, thinking ahead, I ordered an extra 10 napkins.  (I warned you I had OCD).  The pattern is uber traditional but works well with all of our place settings and it is Longaberger.  I'm not ready to part with it.  So my solution in copy-catting Ashli?  Use the extra napkins as cafe curtains!  No sewing required.  I'm still undecided...and want your opinion as to which works better.

Here is a partial shot of our kitchen:
Sorry for the counter clutter...we LIVE in our home.

The before...with traditional valances:
And the after with cafe curtains:

A few things to note.  1. I am so undecided I still have not removed the valance hardware from the window.  Please forgive me for my laziness and apprehension.  2. The light fixture over the sink is soon to be changed out to something with more substance.  It is simply too nondescript for the space.

Okay, here's your homework...opinions?

It's curtains for you (sorry...couldn't resist),


Anonymous said...

I think I like it! Different with a modern spin on it. I say go for it!
This Lori C. by the way!

Anonymous said...

Cafe Curtains... you did the work and it looks more updated. The other looks TOO traditional. Mix it up a little.
- Janine ;)

Mindy @ Heart Maine Home said...

I love the cafe curtains! Using napkins to make curtains...what a great idea!

Jen said...

Love the cafe curtains! :) Now I NEED some. :)

Curtain said...

The post is describing your Grandmas curtains and what are not here