Spring has SPRUNG

The front door paint was only one item on a long list of outside projects.  Thankfully, the weather today was very cooperative in getting another item checked off our list.  With the help of MaineGirl & MaineBaby and the lugging power of MaineDad, the flowerbed we had been dreaming about all winter long is finally a reality!

Here is what we have been looking at all winter/spring long.  (Well minus the 2'x2' edging job I started before realizing I hadn't taken a before shot).  As you can see, we need to have our lawn reseeded in another few weeks...the backyard took really well. The front yard...not so much.

With the girls' help...we quickly got to work.  As you can see, MaineGirl was super helpful and fully prepared for the task at hand (note goggles and insect net).  giggle giggle

We first laid out all of the plants/flowers being sure to make sure there was ample room between each. And then started digging again.

Included in the bed are hosta, daffodils, daylilies, golden king a forsynthia bush and two purple mystery perennials I somehow have already lost the tags to (go me).  Google here I come. The hosta is a transplant from a family friend's home.  The daylilies were a relocation from the ditch in front of our home.  I love free flowers and bushes. 

If the weather cooperates tomorrow maybe I'll be lucky enough to finish it off with some mulch.  Finally feels like we are making some progress.  Although once I go to cross a project off the list I feel like I haven't made any progress at all.  One thing at a time I guess.

Do you have any items you are itching to get checked off your home project list?

Here's to spring cleaning, spring planting and spring fever.


Disclaimer: No children were hurt in the making of this flower bed (in fact, they hardly contributed any manual labor and were merely there for moral support and coaching).  And sorry for the grainy cell phone pics...I worked with what I had.  Next time, I'll prepare better...I promise!).

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Comeca Jones said...

what a lovely bed! I recently did the same thing so I know the feeling it sure makes you feel good to get projects completed!