Terrarium Love

Yesterday was a day of terrariums.  They are all the rage right now and to purchase a completed one looks to be a costly endeavor.  I have stumbled across several online that are drool worthy.  The combo of glass (artsy) and greenery (nature) are visually appealing for any home and the little to no water required maintenance is of course a huge bonus.  These are pickling jars turned terrariums by Pottery Barn. See my point?  They are gorgeous!

We started our Saturday off with a scheduled trip to Lowes' Build & Grow Workshop where MaineGirl built a terrarium all on her own.  As you can see, she is quite pleased with her efforts. 

These kid friendly, family time sessions are put on by Lowes every other week.  Every workshop is a new project: art easel, terrarium, bird house, etc.  The cost is $0.  (Who doesn't love free!)  And the bonus is that kids have a blast!  Lowes presents them with a free child size hammer, apron and pair of goggles to keep and bring with them to future workshops.  Upon each project completion the kids are presented with a certificate, iron on patch and get to bring their masterpiece home.  A win win for all parties involved.  MaineGirl is a huge fan.  She started attending regularly last month and now even
has her own little tool box to house her Build & Grow tools.  She is so proud of her new hammer skills.  :)  Information can be found at the customer service desk at your local Lowes or by searching by zip code on Lowes.com for future workshops in your area.

Of course, after building the terrarium, MaineGirl needed to be sure we had something to live inside it.  We left lumber and headed over to the garden department to find some size appropriate plants to house inside her little project.  These are a few of the adorable succulents we brought home.  Each were under $3.

I was instructed to make sure it was highly visible so we placed it in the kitchen window.

We also picked up a small potted Jade plant for the living and some additional succulents for a cheap homemade terrarium of my own.  I found inspiration for my homemade terrarium here.  For $17 (total cost for plants and glass jar/lid), I would say this project was a success. 

Do you have a terrarium?  Is it homemade or was it purchased?  Some of the best things in life are free or upcycled.  Grab that empty glass flour container, an unused cheese cloche or a uniquely shaped vase and create your own green masterpiece.

Then we can be plant pals!

P.S. Don't forget to properly care for your terrariums!  They are super low maintenance and depending upon the plants used, some can go 4 to 6 months without watering.  Any busy mom will love this!
Easy care tips:
  • Use a spray bottle for watering.  Simple spray plants enough to dampen soil.  
  • Be sure to leave the cover off the terrarium until the leaves of the plants have dried.  
  • Be sure to not have any standing water on the the bottom of the terrarium or you may cause root rot in the plants.  
  • Do not fertilize!  Space is limited and doing so may also cause a soluble salt buildup in the soil.