Burn Baby Burn!

I have a lot to learn in the world of green living. Thankfully, some of life's little dilemmas are helping me figure it out pretty quickly.

I had been finding the remnants of soot on our toilet seat covers, light switches, window trim...basically anything white, new and plastic. The culprit? Yankee candles and my obsession with burning them. I LOVE the smell of walking into a home with multiple candles lit. It is warm and inviting and can instantly make any home more welcoming. But it also creates a bit of a health hazard and a cleaning nightmare with the soot and toxins released into the air. I mean, if our light switches look that way...what do my families lungs look like? {eek!}

So I did a little research on both petroleum and soy based candles and the effects/benefits of each. What a world of difference. Although no candle is soot free, soy is a much safer alternative. And I know deep down I could never stop burning candles completely. I. just. couldn't. ever. stop. It's like my crack okay? {hehe} So safer is obviously the way to go.

In a week's time I threw out all of our petroleum based candles and managed to score a hell of a deal at TJ Maxx & Marshalls on the much safer soy alternative. I bought both stores out of all the Caldrea Vanilla Lemon candles they had. All 24 candles I purchased are now piled high in my pantry. At $5.99 a piece they were a steal...and MUCH safer for our health and our home. It has been three weeks since I started burning soy candles only and I have yet to find soot remnants like I was before. That alone leaves me with a warm fuzzy. Well...that and my stash of candles in the pantry!

Okay...so maybe I have a bit of a shopping problem. But I did it in the name of good health and a happy home. Well...that is how I'm gonna sell it to MaineDad anyways. {wink wink}

Breathe easy.

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