NYC...MaineMommy Style

Okay...okay.  I know it has been "like forever" since I posted.  Yes, this a direct quote from one of my blog followers.  (SORRY CHRISTY!  wink wink)  But MaineMommy has been a busy girl!  On top of trying to tackle work, general home upkeep and the girls, I somehow managed to actually take a week of vacation.  REAL vacation.  No work.  Zero.  It was ah-mazing.  I tackled a few projects around the house and (more importantly) took a three day trip to NYC with my favorite Aunt.  As you can see from this Time Square picture...we stayed out of trouble.  I mean, how much trouble can you get in when you are surrounded by NYPD? hehe

The weather was gorgeous.  And we had a blast wandering around Greenwich, Soho, Little Italy, Broadway, Time Square, Central Park...yeah...and all in a day and a half.  Luckily this was a leisure trip.  We had both "done" NYC sightseeing previously so we were just enjoying the change of pace and scenery. 

One of the highlights of our trip...Magnolia Bakery cupcakes of course.  Heaven in a box.

If you've never had one, but ever go to New York, make sure to add this to your must do list.  You'll thank me later.  It's right up there with the Statue of Liberty.  I do NOT exaggerate! 

On our way home, we also hit...drum roll...Ikea!    Ikea is proof that God exists.  Seriously.  Can I get a halleluiah?  Just to illustrate my love for the store I wanted a picture of me jumping for joy in the parking lot.  My Aunt was happy to oblige.  She made me work for the shot though by re-shooting six or seven times.  Passers by got a good chuckle at our many attempts of capturing the moment on camera.  Below are some of the outtakes.  MaineAunt was more impressed with those than the perfect picture she got of me midair.  She particularly liked the ones of me squatting like I was on the toilet.  I figured you would enjoy them too...who doesn't like it when someone humiliates themselves publicly for a laugh, right?  

Good times.  Good times.

I scored a TON (and this is not an understatement) of stuff from Ikea for the house.  About half was solely for MaineBaby's room.  Although we had moved into our house in October, there is so much to do to make it homey.  In fact, the only rooms that are 100 percent complete are the upstairs bathrooms (booo to my progress).  Case in point, the before shots of MaineBaby's bedroom:

Blah blah BLAND!  Functional but bare walls and lacking pops of color and fun found in toddler rooms.  After Ikea saved the day:

Ribba picture shelf ledges were used as book shelves. I picked up the stuffed turtle pillow at Target a week earlier and relocated three of her ocean art pictures to this wall. 

Two Mammut stools and two Mammut pink chairs now provide her with a great place to play with her dollhouse.  The table is a temporary relocated solution. I found a gorgeous piece of butcher block for $20 in the Ikea "As Is" section that I am planning to make into a table for her.

I also purchased another Mammut shelf for books/stuffed animal display.  The dresser needs to be repainted white and adorned with new hardware.  The wooden letters are spray painted pink and are from Joann Fabric.  The white frame was originally a mirror that was a wedding gift to my parents...back in the '70s.  Unfortunately, the glass didn't make our last move but I wanted to salvage it somehow so I spray painted it white and found some beautiful decorative punched tin to put in it.  It will be hung above the dresser and be perfect for displaying earrings, necklaces and other jewelery when she gets older.  Thank you Pinterst for the inspiration!

Here is the fun Lova leaf canopy for her toddler bed...definitely her favorite of the lot.

And I found some fun, colorful and super cheap fabric at our local Mardens that I will be using to make curtains this weekend.  I also found some coordinating fabric in fun geometric patterns and colors that I plan to use for her bedding.  

Can I just say I love Ikea, I love the Swedish names of their products and I love how they make me feel ethnic and worldly.  Seriously...I need to get out more. there is still work to be done.  But I had fun at Ikea damn it and MaineBaby is thrilled with the fact that I am finally showing her room some love.  The window coverings, tin for the mirror frame and painting the dresser will make a huge difference when they are complete.  I'll get right on that...okay, this weekend I will.  I'm still recovering from my NYC expedition.  But it was SO worth it. 

Have you made any time for yourself lately?  Taken a day trip?  Visited the gloriously large, fun and inspiring Ikea near you? tell. 

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