Ombre Dresser Sneak Peek

As I mentioned Sunday, one of the many items on the to do list I tackled was repainting Maine Toddler's dresser.  I planned to take it from a drab sponge painted green to a beautifully bright blue ombre dresser courtesy of this dresser I pinned on Pinterest:


How do you think I'm doing?

The picture is dark and thus the color seems a little off from real life but you get the idea.  I couldn't wait until daytime to update you on progress.  I'm just too excited with how it is turning out.  This bad boy has required three coats on all drawers and the dresser itself...with LOTS of drying time in between to be sure of no tackiness or boo boos.  Three days of sanding and painting to date.

As you might notice I didn't put the original hardware back on the dresser.  I wanted something a little nicer.  After all, the paint job demands it! I searched our local hardware store, Lowes and Home Depot but all were too expensive and didn't have the size and style hardware I wanted in stock. Lowes had the beautiful 16" drawer pulls I wanted but they were $18 $90 to out fit the dresser.  Even with my military discount I couldn't do it.  If I had to special order I figured I could probably save myself a few buckaroos by searching eBay.  And voila...I was right. 

Look at those beauties!  Here is to hoping the measurements that were posted online were accurate and work with the existing holes in the drawers.  Fingers crossed.  Eyes crossed.  Legs crossed.  Everything crossed in anticipation.  The bonus?  I scored them for $4.32 each plus $10 shipping.  Total: $31.60 including shipping.  I know...amazing dealAs long as they fit, I will have saved myself $60.  If they don't...well, I'm in denial about that fact until/if I have to face it.  Should have them in hand by Monday.  Come on postal service, work your magic!  

Ever purchased hardware or other DIY items on eBay for a steal?  If these fit I may be a converted woman. 

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Camille said...

Too cute! I love the colors you picked--and the ombre makes neutral enough for either gender! I'll definitely have to keep this in mind when I finally get to decorate a nursery.