Well Hello Mr. Karlstad

We have been in dire need of a couch upgrade for some time now.  Furniture takes a beating in a house with two kids, two dogs, a cat and a husband.  It's a circus around here and our living room furniture is the big top.

I can't remember the number of times I have told Maine Dad I was finally going to buy a living room set.  I bet the number is in the high thirties...yet, no couch each time.  It hasn't been because I didn't know what I wanted.  Or due to lack of finances.  I wasn't planning on spending a fortune anyways.  (Please re-read the first paragraph of this post if you are unsure of why I shop on the cheap).  It simply is because we live in Maine.  Although our state is known for its beautiful coastline, thousands of acres of forests, lobster and LLBean backpacks, I am now aware that our state is not prepared to sell living room furniture to its residents.  It was a painful experience.  In fact, I actually found our sectional online and from a store that is not yet (but hopefully one day will be) in Maine......Ikea.  

Yes, I am a bit of a DIY blog slut. I follow upwards of 21, er 22 DIY/home improvement blogs.  From Thrifty Decor Chic to Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, Mini Manor to 7th House on the Left, my daily MUST read is still YHL (Young House Love).  The Petersiks just get me.  And I have been drooling over their oversize sectional from Ikea for over a year now.  He is a handsome sucker!  Meet Karl the Sectional in Dark Sivik Gray:

He is a biggie!  Almost twelve feet long by seven feet deep.  In fact, I'm not sure if the entire assembled sectional will fit in our current living room.  Thankfully he comes in several pieces and is able to be assembled in numerous ways.  So we will make it work.  

Our estimated delivery date isn't until September 22nd but we have already received shipping notification.  He is on his way and I couldn't be more excited.  In the next week or two I plan on cleaning out the living room for his arrival (which means also cleaning out the basement, part of our master bedroom and the dining room).  Oh boy...I may have screwed myself here.  Thankful its a sectional that is coming so I can kick my feet up and relax after all this work.  

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